Friday, 22 May 2015


At one point or another, in our day to day life we tend to get bored. When it occurs, we can either waste time playing games and spend time on social media or we can make productive use of our time.
On the contrary, being bored isn’t all that bad. It means you have spare time to engage in just about anything productive.
Today lets make a list of  productive things to do when bored.

1) Work Out/ Exercise
For those of you who intend to lose extra weight and keep fit, exercise can be done to kill time. Working out is one of the best things you can do when you’re bored.  Exercising can actually give you energy and has many health benefits. Going for a quick run or doing a quick workout at home can be a good way to keep fit.

3) Get rid of unwanted stuffs.
This is a good time to go through your closet, basement, bookshelf, or clothes and getting rid of everything you don’t need. This  also gives you an opportunity give out or better yet to make money by selling what you dont need.

5) Read
Reading exposes us to a vast access of knowledge and this is always a good use of time. Most of the time we are unable to read because we are too busy. If you find yourself bored, it’s an ideal time to dive into a book, magazine, or thee newspaper..
Personal finance books I recommend are Why "A" Students Work For "C" Students, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Rich Dad Poor Dad For Teens by Robert Kiyosaki. These books teach teenagers and young adults how money works.

6) Clean up your Email Inbox
If you are one of those who dont clear your email inbox regularly, this may be a good time. Take advantage of your “bored” time to clean up your inbox.

9) Organize Personal Finances
I know a lot of us dont take our personal finance serious but this is a good time to do so. This blog is big on finance so this post must entail something that relates with personal finance.
Some things that you can do to organize your finances are:
Track your income(what brings money to your pocket) and expenses(what takes money out of your pocket).
Make a monthly budget
Seek for ways to save money (i.e cutting down on entertainment expenses, excess spending etc.)
Getting your finances organized is an essential step to take towards improving your finances. If you
don’t have a good grasp on your current financial situation, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to change it for the better.

Do you often get bored? What is your favorite thing to do when you get bored? Feel free to shar

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