Friday, 1 May 2015


I know we are all familiar with the saying " black is beautiful". Well our current FACE OF THE WEEK bares it all. get to meet her and see more of of her photos below.

 Full names?

Nnenne Sarah Nwankwo

What name do friends call you?


Tell us about yourself, education, extra- curricular activities? 

I'm 18...I school at Nigerian Turkish Nile university 100level precisely...I'm a very outspoken and free person that care about what she wants alone and not what others want for me


TV all day every day, play basketball, read some novels and sleep lol

Whats your definition of beauty?

To is that part of you that has always been in you but you never realized it until you search...its character, behaviour, brains and all in one

Some mistake beauty for having a pretty face.

Do you think this is a disadvantage?                                                    
You don't necessarily have to be pretty to be beautiful...likewise fine face you also need brains and yes it is

Can you share wit us a personal beauty tip?

Self-appreciation, self-love, WATER! And a lot of rest lol

How do you hangout?

 My best hangout moments should be chilling with my friends and being crazy with them

What kind of music do you enjoy?

: RnB, hip hop, rock and rap

Favorite artist?

Nicki Minaj

Celebrity crush? 

Kendrick Lamar

What's your definition of an ideal African woman?

An ideal African woman should always be the best at everything she does, lay a legacy for everyone to follow

What do you aspire to be?

 A linguistic ambassador

Social media handle

 Ig: @nnenne_._
Twitter: @_n3lly_n
Snapchat: @isthatnnenne


  1. Ebony beauty, i like

  2. A wonderful and very caring young lady with brains and all. A potential philanthropist. Just that she may end up being a professor of note rather than a linguistics of any sort.