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To a lame man he would define an independent lady as one who's able to provide for herself to an extent whatever she so desires to have not depending on anybody most especially a man.......... Ladies and gentlemen we are glad to present to you the beautiful Miss Adehi Nicole Ojone, at 19 she's already a CEO an expert at organizing her affairs and also an aspiring lawyer.

Today we tell you about her and her company and let her say the rest herself...... Adehi hails from kogi state, she's one of nigeria's youngest and smartest entrepreneur, she's also a photographer and CEO of the brand VALEO with her team of hardworking people, where she showcases her photographs and also it's linked to the Modelling sector, helping young upcoming models to have a platform to grow and be expose to the outside world.... A year back VALEO launched the search for the next rated models within and beyond the Walls of her school.

Valeo as also called by her peers is on her way to a bigger and higher dimension in her field, for now she balances both school and her business very well........... She's also coming out for the post of director of socials at her school Afe Babalola university in ekiti state, Get to meet this lovely and friendly lady and know more about her and what she does in her interview below cheers.X

Adehi Nicole Ojone

What do your friends call you?
Any of my names or Valeo

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am Ambitious, easy going ,a risk taker, hardworking , smart, talented and intelligent.

Age ?

Photography, listening to music

Languages you speak?
English, Hausa and Igala

Background (state) position in your family.?
I am from a catholic home and a humble home at that. I am from Kogi state and I am the first of four children

Schools attended 2 to 3.?
Regina Pacis College
St. Louis n/p school

Countries Visited?
United Kingdom
South Africa

Most valuable item?
My camera

What is it that makes you love being a lady?
People are always willing to give you a chance

Whose your role Model?
Genevieve Nnaji

What's your dress sense like?
Very simple, Extremely simple.

How is what you do different from others?
The way I work towards achieving and enforcing my ideas,through creative thinking, proposals, packaging, presentation and delivery.

Describe a typical workday for you?
No phone calls or texting ,no eating, just listening to music,shower and sleep

Tell us a bit about your company VALEO and what you guys do?
Valeo is a business name  registered under the CAC to carry out the functions of modelling , photography and general contract. Basically we are a mixture of fashion and fashion entertainment, photography and we would gradually delve into film production.

When did you start?

I got my first camera on the 12th of Feb 2012. Valeo setting up the team and other protocols in March 2014

Did you face any Changelles starting up?
I faced challenges in between and after our second show and that was when I knew we should stick to fashion entertainment. Lol but the challenges have made us stronger

How do you feel being a young entrepreneur?

It feels good. It's easy because I love it but then it's risky but being an entrepreneur is being a risk taker and I know it'd pay off in the end . 

How did you start Up?
I took pictures of animals and I started editing and it felt really good .....Then I began to move from talent to business.

The most exciting shoot you've ever done?
Every shoot with a creative person or a fun filled person is always my best. But my best models are Wunmi Abiola, bukola Kila and Muji Obi

What will you be doing if you weren't an entrepreneur?
I d be a nerd

Do you have a team or people you work with?

Yes I have a team of ten amazing hardworking and talented beings.

How do you handle or deal with competition?
I'm not very big on competitions but it's always worth trying

List 5 words that describe your character?
Esoteric, leo, strong, ambition, humble.

What's the most important thing you have learnt from your Mom?
That good behaviour, appreciation to God and family are everything

What's the last item you brought?
Food. Lol

What would you do if you won One Billion dollars?
Get a land and build for Valeo and then build the company,assets etx

Vote of thanks to Abjrichteens?
I'm very grateful for this platform. God bless your innovation

Contacts(Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat)?
Nicole ojay Adehi - Facebook
@a_ohjay - Twitter
NicoleAdehi_valeo - instagram
Nicole_adehi - snap chat


  1. lovely am a parent my son just told me to check this blog and i love wat u guys do