Friday, 8 May 2015


Its yet another "On the Rise" Edition. Get to know Kuddi, a talented individual and entertainer in our interview with him below...

What are your full Names?
It's just Nicholas "Tahim" Odinuwe...The "Tahim" was recently added.

What is it you do?
Well, I rap, part time producer, I make short films

Do you have a stage name?
You can call me Kuddi

How long have you been into all these?
I started rapping about 2 years ago, started taking it much seriously last year...When I was much younger I wrote short poetry, and as for the film stuff, it's been a year now.
Wrote my first rap to a girl I liked,That was about ss1

Any role models?
Well, I look up to Logic,but not one of my favorites.I like logic's motivation and enthusiasm I like his attitude to the game.

Do you experience any challenges with what you do?
Yeah. Sometimes, getting that line to fit the rap so it doesn't mess your flow.. Could be tricky sometimes,but getting a hang of it thanks to Zilla. Another challenge is facing the people... People gotta talk about what you do and say you ain't doing it well or the music isn't fit for me, but I see it as all progression,
I wouldn't call them haters, they just lack the notion of music and don't they understand that it's all part of being an upcoming artiste, you gotta make mistakes " progression not perfection". 

What do you anyone you'll like to collaborate with?
Nigerian ? There's a jam with Zilla in the future, popular ? Yemi Alade and Brymo 
Outside Nigeria ? Hopsin and Angel Haze. Them because they are my favorites,
Zilla because he is my best upcoming artiste 

Yemi Alade

What are you plans for your music, producing, and film making?
I'm concentrating only on two,For music, I have something this May then maybe a compilation in July... I have about 3 (three) short films out soon. Horror and Comedy

How's support like...from family and friends?
My mum supports my Music, she has my songs.
She used to give me money to go to studio when I was much younger.
  I have lots of friends supporting me, it was kind of hard to win their support... I had to prove it. 

What moves have you started to grow yourself as per music...
Lyrically,  I've been introduced to rappers that I can learn from by Zilla. I've been practicing the schemes and all... trying to get that diverse thinking. I personally think when I'm good enough I'll push music to more and more people to listen.  
Good music will always find its way.

Have you had any performances?
Yes, I've performed in my former secondary school,also in Lead British, at a wedding,and etc.

How's it like when you are up there?
It's dope 

I bet you have a conviction that you are already a successful entertainer?

How do you promote you work, the music and the short films.
It's just my friends that support me, they tell their friends,I don't pay for promotion,it's all domestic,I hope a time will come I don't gotta tell people to support me.

Do you have anything you want to tell anyone who's up and coming?
You've got to believe in yourself, have friends who will tell you the Truth.

Social Handles?
Twitter -officialkuddi

Y'all go and listen to my wiz Khalifa remix. here...

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