Friday, 11 September 2015


Calabar girls rock!!! For instance;  check out our Face of The WeekWe  had to admit that she is no doubt the most beautiful  girls you have never met!. Check out her photos and view her interview below.

Firstly, tell us your full names?
Rasine Bolaji Anani

Where are you from?
Cross river state 

My hobbies well...
I actually like to stay alone😂i don't know but when i'm around people my friends and all i'm usually very entertaining
. I like dancing even though i cant dance😂 . I like to sleep a lot and eat😂

So what kind of music do you enjoy?
I'm a big fan of Rihanna"s music .I like love songs I love listening to the Weeknd and Fetty Wap...
Dance able songs for when i'm happy and then sad songs when i'm sad like love songs and all

What school do u attend?
Lead British International School 

 What kind of movies do you enjoy?

Whats your favorite sports?
I like football,basketball, table tennis and badminton, but the ones i actually get myself involved in is football, table tennis and badminton
I support arsenal😄 

Arsenal all d way🙌🙌 

What's your definition of beauty?
External beauty is unimportant because it will fade in time, challenges and circumstances will come and its only the beauty on the inside that will stand the  test of time
Therefore what i'm trying to is people tend to fall for a person personality
You may see a girl that's beautiful and all but if her personality doesn't match her looks like if she has a bad attitude obviously you wont want that kind of person
The bottom line of what i'm trying to say is beauty is not just skin deep it is rather more accurately understood by a persons character in addition to mental and emotional maturity.
Wat personal beauty tip would u recommend 4 every girl
Confidence is the brightest best outfit any girl can wear, it surpasses what ever make up she puts on.
  You know girls struggle to to look good to be accepted and all but the thing is without confidence which is on the inside all the makeup wont make sense and when a lady wears confidence even without makeup she is beautiful.

Favorite dish?
I like rice and anything!
Jollof rice, Chinese rice, friend rice and chicken!
And i eat snails!😂
And i like afang soup its a calabar dish 

What's your definition of an "ideal african woman"?
An ideal african woman is an african lady with standards and a lady who knows her worth,a lady that has values and is hardworking 

Would you rather be loved or have lots of money?
I'm always loved by God, because he loves me he blesses me with all i need so why choose one when i can have the both 

Who has influenced you most in your life?
Your parents.

How do you deal with negativity in your life?
I think about it like how i'll have to handle it. Or i overlook it.. Depends on what it is.

What is your ultimate goal in life
To please my maker, to be successful in life


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