Saturday, 31 January 2015


Ladies  and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you our 2nd ABJRICHTEENS FACE OF THE WEEK, the beautiful Miss Hanna Mahamad Hawili. She doesn't just possess the highest level of physical attraction but also has that beauty that glows from the inside. Some say she looks like a princess from a fairytale story and we can all agree with that. She is a true definition of beauty from her smile when she wakes up to how she pours out her make up. See more photos of her below

What are your full names?
Hanna Mahammad Hawili

What do your friends call you?
Hanna, Bae sometimes.

I love playing basketball and swimming mostly.

 Favorite Color?

 Can you cook?
Not really

What’s your favorite dish?
Pounded yam

In your own words make a statement about “beauty”.
The word beauty is something used by senseless people to describe something pretty,
 something they like. I think beauty naturally is created by the innermost of a person.
 It always has to come from the heart.

Hmmmn! That’s deep
What is your beauty secret?
I don’t normally use much make-up only lipstick and stuff. I make my cream myself with the 
natural fruits and spices I have at home to do face mask and stuff.

Does being beautiful have its disadvantages?
Yeah, I don’t see it as something really nice because at first people judge you by your looks,
 even if beauty comes from the heart people don’t look at that anymore.

What does fashion mean to you?
It’s not all about clothes to me, because I’m sure everyone has their own way of dressing. 
It’s like being who you really are not always about your style or fashion but creating your 
style or fashion but creating your own image.

Describe your style in three words?
Classy, Simple, Unique

Who are your style icons?
Gwen Stefani.

Celebrity Crush?
J Cole

What’s your favorite designer brand? And why?
Chanel, Well I think it’s unique and it makes me comfortable.

What’s your take on an ideal African lady?
A strong and brave woman who connects and holds the family together, very loyal and 
sticking by her family through thick and thin.

What do you aspire to be?
A doctor, people think I can’t do it because I’m not the studying type but I just want to save
 lives.And I’m going to do it.

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Contact( facebook, twitter, IG, skype, snapchat)
Instagram : Hanna.hawili
Twitter: queenHxo
Skype : hannaa_hawili
Snapchat : Chix_xo

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