Friday, 9 January 2015


Muhammed Umar is one of Abuja's finest teenagers you could ever meet or hang out with. He hails from the Northern part of Nigeria and spends his time in Nigeria routing around Abuja - Kano state, and when he is not in Nigeria for either business or school he is known to be engaging in some very resourceful activities.

Apart from all these Kankz is one of those lucky people to be signed to a label, and one of the fastest growing Label MUSIC MAGIC which is owned by Ace Producer Dannycull, in the year 2014 Kankz dropped a Nationwide Hit featuring TripleMG Superstar Tekno titled "AMARACHI" this song caught the heart of the ladies who started calling him "Mr AMARACHI".

Over the years Kankz has created a platform to showcase artists like himself and other Popular Nigerian artists in the UK with an event called "CASHBACK" in 2013 he brought STARBOY star L.A.X and in 2014 he brought BOJ and MELOGO and many more.

Kankz influence is well felt in his hometown in the Northern part of Nigeria, This wealthy son makes a handsome pay working with and for his family on family businesses; he is mostly an automobile and gadget person. Kankz is also a fan of big givings..... Like when he wanted to get a graphic designer for his single AMARACHI artwork he gave a handsome reward to the person that did the best design for him. This one time on when the iPhone 6 came out and was ordering his, he called out on his twitter to get one for one lucky person.

All that aside Kankz has a heart of gold he always finds a way to give back to his community with lots of charity giving. God bless this young millionaire.....



Muhammed Umar



Age ?


What state are you from?

Kano State


Horse Riding and Gaming

Educational Qualification?


Schools Attended?


Regent High School


Can Money buy Happiness?


Countries Visited?

Uk , Dubai , Washington, Miami, Paris, , Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Spain, South Africa..

Relationship status?


Best Musician?

I don't have one.

What do you drive?

Porsche Panamera

Languages you speak?

English and Hausa

What people don't know about you?

I'm chilled and calm

Can You Cook?


Most valuable item?

My Cars

Best Quote??

"Time is Money"

How do you Hangout?

I just meet up with friends and we just have a good time.

Tell us about your Music?

Its going fine though progressing at a slow rate because I'm still in school now. But massive plan ahead, watch out for my EP 2015.

Tell Us about #Cashback?

CASHBACK is just an event aimed at bringing together top artists and having a good time together.

How do you make you Money?

Businesses, i have shares in the family business and thus i get my returns from that.

Future Ambition?

Financial and Investment Risk Analyst.

Contact (IG, Facebook, snapchat, twitter)??

IG- @lilkankz

Twitter- @lilkankz

Vote of thanks to abjrichteens?

Thank you abjrichteens for the interview it was great, I really enjoyed it.