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Chidera Onumaegbu popularly called by her friends "Chidexy" she's one of those people who knew and discovered their talent and what they had passion for at an early stage in life, she's one of many few 16 year old that's not just a CEO but actually started making money at an early stage in her life with her company analso being part of a MSFT Official has given her the opportunity to mix with the fashion world outside Nigeria

Chidera Olivia Onumaegbu

Beautiful Miss Chidera hails form the eastern part of Nigeria and she's also a blog developer. Her coloring pattern and good organization also reflects in her work, she also did some graphic Designers for her school in 2014.

This RichTeen spends her holidays and money well. She loves to travel a lot and take beautiful pictures as she tours the world and when it comes to school and academic work she also delivers 100%. She combines her passion and education so perfectly.

Finally to those of you models and aspiring models hit up Chidera anytime she would take the best pictures of you.......She's also one of our 1st RichTeen ladies which means she's someone to watch out for in 2015 and years to come.



Chidera Olivia Onumaegbu



Age ?


What state are you from?

Imo State


Dancing, taking pictures, reading, travelling.

Educational Qualification?


Schools Attended?

Regina Pacis

Pace Setters Academy.

Can Money buy Happiness ?

For me I would say no.

Countries Visited?

England, France, Dubai, Italy, South Africa.

Relationship status?

I'm in a relationship.

Languages you speak?

English, French and Igbo.

Most valueable item?

My Cameras, I have two, the most valueable is the Lecia 50mm Notilux lens (£7,999,00)

Best Quote??

What's your dress sense like?


Did you Grow up Wealthy?

I would say we where comfortable.

Fame or Money?


Favourite pet?


What's your Ideal Man like?

He must be Independent I guess.

Whose your mentor?

My mother.

What's the change needed in Nigeria?

Nigeria needs a lot tho but it's all in the hands of our generation, the next and also with God the change would come.

What drives you to be Successful ?

My passion to help the needy.

Future Ambition?

To be a politician later on.

How do you make your money?

I am a photographer (coco's photographer), I own my own company which I allied with a model agency which I'm also a MSFT Official.

Do you parents support what you do?

Yes they do 100%.

Highest earning??

All I can say is just for my photography I earn over  £500 for one shoot, let's leave the rest out.

Contact (IG, Facebook, snapchat,twitter)personal

IG - chiderao

Snapchat:: ChideraO


IG - coco_photography


Vote of thanks to abjrichteens?

I'd like to thank Abjrichteens, for giving me this amazing opportunity and keep up the good work. God bless!!

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