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Nelson is one of those people that truly understand showbiz. Now some people just know how to organize and do shows but fail to get the whole idea or the business part of it. While some end up drinking massive garri after they finish organizing an event due to their loss and they never realized any money or profit out of it. Instead they sink in their last kobo into the event.Well as for Nelson it would interest you to know that this young man makes his money already even before the shows or events he organizes starts. In Nigeria they put it this way" him don already make him money even before the show start" Now just so you know a lot goes into packaging
an event and it also include sponsors and other factors we might not tell you here because of time but would be fully discussed in our Annual “Richteens Seminar” coming up this summer. Anyways Mr. Nelson has got some of the best people to sponsor and support his events and more are still coming because everybody wants to be involved in a brand that sells and is well structured. That brand is what Nelson over the years has been able to build since he was 15 and now the brand speaks volumes for him....... Mr. Nelson doesn't joke when it comes to business and packaging of ideas, for his company is long registered making his brand known all around the world and is forever trademarked. Meaning nobody can steal his concept there can't be another company named teens concept which is a huge security in a world where ideas pays off more than money. So you all should learn from Mr. Nelson and register that small business you are doing now before it is stolen.
Moving on Nelson didn't just build this empire in one day. It was a gradual step that he took form when he was 15 and knew what he wanted. Thank God for his mother who is always there to support her boy by every means necessary. It all started by throwing parties it got boring, other people started throwing parties he moved on to having Lilnelz teens global concept started his radio show started interviewing teens gave many a platform to showcase themselves and shine. From there he thought of doing it bigger with an annual award show where each teen from different fields and those talented affecting their generation in music, photography, business, academics the list goes on and on bringing everyone together under one roof and awarding them for their excellence which he called the NIGERIA TEENS CHOICE AWARD and every year it grows and gets bigger. Last year 2014 the award show was suppose to start by 4pm and if you got there by 4 the whole place was full. The tables where bought like water I mean tables of 250,000 the whole place jammed and it's strange not because it's an award show but because it's Abuja and Abuja people can kill events but everyone keeps asking Nelson Williams; how do you do it? How do you get to gather all these people together young and old? The answer is simple consistence and hard work and passion for what you do. This year I think he should put the venue to be the national stadium because at this rate the crowd is just getting bigger and bigger by the year.
Mr Nelson is just a perfect example of change for the youths for his creativity and view on things, let’s also not forget he started at 15 and his connections are long. He has sat among Kings, governors, celebrities and many more. Not only that, he uses it to his advantage due to his close relationship with loads of Nigerian celebrities, schools and companies come to him for access and booking for either a school event or something and he provides A list artist for you or the organization and gets his cool money…. . He is no stranger to fame for he has been on national and international platforms where they interviewed him and talked to him about his future plans. Stations like AIT, MYTV, Planet TV based in South Africa and loads of others. His fame is so strong that among 3 teenagers in Abuja 1 out of them must have heard or attended an event organized by Nelson and his company.
To end this all we would like to say that hard work really pays off. Today at his 20’s or so Mr. Nelson can afford anything he wants in 6 zeros (000000) Naira all by hard work and prayers to God almighty. He is actually one young millionaire with an investment that could run into billions in the nearest future. Watch out for the next NTCA 2015 ( where we intend to win the Best Teens Blog for 2015. See you and God bless!!!
Nelson Ese Williams
Mr. Lilnelz
Above the teen age a bit

Hanging out, playing the keyboard, shopping

Educational Qualification?

Schools Attended?
Funtaj High School
Global Crest College

Edo state

Countries Visited?
France, America, London, Germany, Ghana, Belgium, Portugal, Leon.

Relationship Status?

Languages you speak?

Do you believe in the saying “more money more problems”?
I actually agree because money is just like paper it flies. If you have more money more ideas would be coming, it's your ability to deal with it and have the sense to spend your money wisely.

Can money buy happiness?
Money can't really buy happiness, what buys happiness is yourself you got to make yourself happy.

Do your parents support what you do?
Yes they do, they like the fact that I want to be independent they respect my passion.

Most valuable item?
I have a lot but I would say my Tommy Hilfiger Rose Gold watch.
Best Quote?
"Rest is always sweet and better when you work hard"

What's your dress sense like?
I dress smart and simple.
Fame or Money?
Right now it's wealth because I think I have made my fame at a young age.
Favorite pet?
I’m scared of animals they freak me out, but I use to like monkeys

Best food?
Fried Rice
Fried Rice
What's your Ideal woman like?
Very productive lady, creative independent, a woman that believes in love and very unique.

Who is your mentor?
My parents are, those that are also successful in the entertainment world are also my mentors.

What's the change needed in Nigeria?
Change needed in Nigeria is a lot basically but i think I would say corruption, the level of poverty in the society should be reduced and unemployment.

                                                          What drives you to be Successful?
My target I set for myself when I tell myself that around the youthful age I don't want to struggle to get money and when I look at other countries the way young people are progressing I want to be like them.

What should the government do to encourage youths?
Basically more opportunity and support give them a helping hand because it's not easy to start up business.

Future Ambition?
To be a lawyer, but I would specialize on the media entertainment part later on because that's my line.

Does being rich have any disadvantages? 
Yes if you don't plan well it leaves you.

Did you grow up wealthy? 
 Yes by the grace of God yes.

How do you hangout?
I don't walk in groups, I hangout in an independent way, I hang out with selective people in low-key places.
What don't people know about you?
Nelson loves smiling, people think I don't have time for them but one thing about me is that I’m a very sociable person.
Best musicians?
I love afro beats, Davido, Iyanya and Olamide.
What car do you drive?
Honda Accord
Lexus C300
How do you make you money?
Well I could say I started building my brand at a young age like when I was 15, started my company which is registered called Lilnelz Global Concept. Under it I have TEENS VOICE, teens voice is a program for young people a platform to promote themselves so I do events for the young people to show them that they are going somewhere. Then the Nigerian teens choice award is also where I make my money from because it's the first of its kind in Africa, where we award teenagers doing well in various fields and I started 2012 so that's it. I also do celebrity bookings and flights and accommodation and all that.
Highest Earning?
I use to get money in hundreds of Naira; I made my first million when I was 18 so far I earn a million above. Let's just leave it at that.

Which Influential people do you know? 
A lot in music I would say Davido, Orezi, Skales, Yung6ix, Burnaboy, Sinarambo, Lil Kesh, Denerele ,Iyanya , Emma Nyra.
Contact (IG, Facebook, snapchat, twitter) personal
IG - am_nelson_williams
Facebook- Nelson Ese Williams

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Thanks for I feel this would motivate teens to do something positive, good and resourceful with their lives.


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  2. Nelson Williams is an inspiration to all Nigerian teens. God has truly blessed him at such a young age. Will love to be like him someday.