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Being an airline pilot is a glamorous, exciting, and highly rewarding job. But how exactly do you become one? You can't just submit a resume and expect someone to call you back with a job offer. The actual process takes a long time and much dedication; it also means meeting precise requirements and can be a fairly expensive pathway to getting a career. For some positions, it can take up to 10 years of flying experience to even qualify. Needless to say, you need to be serious and committed.

We are proud to present this young fellow to you all because he stays in Abuja, very focused teen and he  is handsome too.....let's not get carried away, meet Muhammed JG someone whose on the rise to become one of Nigeria's youngest pilot.

My name is Haruna Jg Muhammed

Tell us about yourself, background, education,co-curricular activities, family etc?
 I am from Niger state, stayed most of my life in both Lagos and Abuja, Lol my high school life was crazy all the way from Lagos to Niger state changed schools a lot.
I love to have fun shop at Zara, Zara is my favorite designer also skydiving YOLO you only live once.....I come from a family called JG family my dad is a government official and most of his brothers are popular in Minna Niger state.

Why do you want to be a pilot?
Becoming a pilot is a good achievement when I see pilots in the airport with their uniforms all eyes on them, I love flying but success is the main thing Because I know a lot of pilots that make millions of dollars off aviation there is a lot of business opportunities in aviation.

What do you see a pilot as?
I see pilots as people that contribute a lot to the economic worldwide transporting millions of people worldwide and ensure the safety of people.

Give us your 3 main strength?
My mom God and money.

Who is your role Model?
Sir JIA Arumemi-Ikhide Chairman of Arik Air captain Allan Charles Roebuck and my Dad.


List 5 words that describe your character?
Am funny, friendly, dedicated, focused, and sincere. 

What's your greatest fear?
My biggest fear is living this earth without a legacy and a good name

What's the most important thing you have learnt from school?
I learnt you should choose your friends wisely and there is time to play and time to be serious

How do you weigh an aeroplane without the use of scales?
In all aircrafts we have what we call aircraft manual shows you all the information about the aircraft but when you load things on the aircraft and fuel the weight will change and increase.

Tell me 10ways to use a pencil other than writing?
1) Poke someone
2) Throw it to someone
3) Erasing something
4) Use it as a fire wood stick
5) Use it as a weapon
6) To open things that are covered in plastic
7) To break it with your hand if your practicing karate
8) Break it for fun
9) Put a ruler on it ans spin the ruler so it can look like a helicopter (you wont be bored)
10) To take off the dirt inside your nails with the lead.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time if accepted as a pilot?
I see myself making money I see myself getting my degree in aviation business management starting a business one of my dream is to open an aviation school in Nigeria that will be recognize worldwide 

How does an aircraft fly?
When the plane flies horizontally, lift from the wings exactly balances the plane's weight. But the other two forces do not balance: the thrust from the engines pushing forward always exceeds the drag (air resistance) pulling the plane back. That's why the plane moves through the air.........hehe boring right or if you have flying experience like me u just do your pre check look around the aircraft to make sure nothing is wrong then you get into the aircraft check everything star the engine taxi then take off there you are flying.

What challenges/ threat do you face when flying a plane?
Yeah just be confident and don't be too relaxed

What advice can you give to newcomers aspiring to be pilots?
Just know the life of a pilot is amazing lol this is for guys the ladies will be all over you and ladies guys will be scared to approach you they be like ooh sh** she is a pilot but you must work hard and your parents should be ready to invest a lot in the training
Is there a specific person or company that has been an influence
on your career?

What do you think the govt should do to support young upcoming pilots like you ?
Kudos to them for sponsoring students but they need to create more job opportunities they should bring back Nigeria airways, Like Emirates makes billions of dollars Nigeria should also follow their example since millions of Nigerians travel yearly.

Vote of thanks to abjrichteens? 
It is a great pleasure for me to be able to propose this vote of thanks to abjrichteens you guys are doing a good job keep it up glad to be feature on Abjrichteens.

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