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Meet the beauty for this week on your Favorite teen blog in Nigeria, this beautiful lady we must say is one of our best so far............words cant even describe her shes probably going to turn out being a beauty queen in future from her sexy figure 8.1 shape to her height this bae is just too much..................get to know her more and read her interesting interview below......have a fruitful week Ahead.

Debbie Otenaike.

Tell us abit about yourself?
Okay well, im christian, im from Nigeria, i love my country and would rather live there than any other place, im a yoruba babe, im quite dramatic and frankly im extra. I've always dreamt of starring in a nollywood movie(lool), I didnt go to high school in Nigeria (sadly), i love just chilling at home instead of going out often, i just got out of an almost 3 year relationship, and i'll study law.  Oh yeah iroko tv is my new bae. 

Im a serial netflix and hulu addict, i like shopping, community service, traveling.. I cant even lie I enjoy gossiping (especially wen the jist is hot) and lets be honest anyone who knows me knows that i love to party. (My body has cooled now tho guys, i wont be so crazy at parties anymore)

What's your definition of beauty?
Well beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But these days tho, its hard to find an ugly girl, because the kind makeup girls be doing, its like Jesus turning water to wine. Okay let me quit playing.. Beauty is to have confidence.. U cant let anyone define Your beauty. Everyone is beautiful, you just have to believe that for yourself.

Does beauty have to do mostly with facial looks?
At all, beauty has to do with the way you carry yourself. You may be beautiful on the outside but ur emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspect might be ugly. Even guys can put on makeup and become beautiful too so biko, beauty is not only facial appearances.

How old where you when you started cooking?
Mehn, growing up in a Yoruba woman's house, ive suffered o. But yeah i think i started cooking at 15.

Tell us the steps you take when preparing your favorite meal you cook?
Im sure everyone has heard of Nigerian jollof rice? Well thats my fav meal, they can look up the recipe online abeg. Im kidding guys.. Thats jst too much brain cells to use on 1 recipe.

When you go shopping what type of outfit and shoes do you go for?
I go for outifts that highlight my assets but are still decent. I try to think that if my father saw a picture of me in this will he be happy? 

Best designer?
Prada all the Way.

Favorite pet?
Unfortunately, i don't like animals that much. But since you ask it'll probably be a basic dog.

What are some of your personal beauty tips or secrets?
Hydrating is key, drink lots of water, and washing your face 2 times a day.

Is the saying "No honey without Money" true in your case in relationships? 
Well tbh.. It has been true in my past relationships, but only "rich" guys have been asking me out seriously tho so its not my fault. But on a real, being rich isn't something i look for in a guy i want. All i want is a guy that will make me laugh. I understand that we're all just students. The money we're spending isn't even ours. 

What's your ideal man like?
I dont have an ideal man. My only requirements are that you love God and everything else will fall into place.

Where do you mostly hangout at?
My Bed

Future Ambition? 
Being part of Nigeria's history. I want to go into politics.

What talents do you have that we might not know about?
I'm a good listener, and i give pretty bomb advice's too. I play field hockey. And Im a pretty good hype person at parties. Parties are quite lit wen i decide to turn up( i think)

What do you love most about being Nigerian?
I love our people! Omg Nigerians are the FUNNIEST people on earth 

Favorite artist?
Davido!! He's bae.. Ive been obsessed with korede bello these days tho. 

Best movie you seen this year?
Mission Impossible 

Contacts( Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, 2go, hi5, MySpace, badoo )? 
Twitter: debbiiie_o 
Instagram: debbiiie_o (formerly compliiicatedcookie) abeg no ghosts followers i have too much. 
Snapchat: debbiie_o

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