Sunday, 1 November 2015


Without a Doubt our next FOTW is just what we have being looking for all this while, a smart lady who you all would love to meet. Have a wonderful week Ahead............................XO.


Tell us abit about yourself?
I am lydia, my friends call me beti or lii, i am16 and i am in ss3.

I enjoy swimming, reading novels, watching TV and also playing basketball.

What's your definition of beauty?
Beauty lies in the heart, if a girl's heart is pure, clean and innocent she has everything to be called beautiful...but if a girl is pretty yet wicked en cruel...her cruelty will cover her hidden beauty.

Does beauty have to do mostly with facial looks?

How old where you when you started cooking?
I started cooking at the age of 7, I started out with helping my mom with some little stuff to do.

When you go shopping what type of outfit and shoes do you go for?
I mostly go for something I will fit in and feel comfortable with but at the same time look good.

Favorite pet?
Dogs (puppy)

What would be your beauty tip ?
I believe every girl has her inner beauty..u just need time to let her out.. plus I advise a girl always needs her beauty sleep!

What's your ideal man like?
My man should be strong yet with a soft heart, polite and kind, tall, loving and romantic.

Future Ambition? 
I love children generally and I would like to be a pediatrician and help children all over the world.

What talents do you have that we might not know about?
I engage my self with dancing. choreography to be prosaic.

What do you love most about being in Nigeria?
The fact that I get to spend each and everyday with wonderful people makes me proud to know that I have a wonder full family here and that I belong here!

Favorite artist?
Nicki minaj

Best movie you seen this year? 
Hunger games

Contacts(instagram, twitter, and facebook)
Instagram [.MS_BETI]

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