Friday, 6 November 2015


Meet wati khamofu one talented teen who is also on the rise to making it big in the music industry, she also won teens choice outstanding vocalist for 2015 with the voice of an angel shes out to change the sound we hear in our days.......................................Get to read her interview below and see more about her music, style, personality and lots more.

Naomi Wati Khamofu.

Stage Name?



Educational qualification?
High school diploma. I'm currently doing my A levels

Schools attended ? (2-3)
Royal Family Academy, International Community School

What's the best complement you've ever received about your voice?
"You sound like a saxophone"

What are you listening to lately?
Everything. No joke

How did your interest in Music start ?
Well, I grew up in a very Musical house. My dad plays the guitar, sings, and used to be in a Band. So he basically groomed all of us. I probably started singing low key when I was about 5. Before I could even decide whether I liked music or not, my sister was already singing and writing songs, so I picked up very quickly and now I can't go a day without singing AND listening to music. My interest in music was very effortless.

Who produces for you?
Anyone with a sick a beat

How do you describe your Music?
My music is modern and versatile.

What's your biggest crowd you have performed in front of and where?
The girl empowerment summit 2014/ Ntca 2014

How do you plan to market and make your music to reach out to lots of people?
I'll find a very good manager to help me with all that lol

Who inspires you musically?
Fela, Tori Kelly, Beyonce, Frank Ocean, Lianne La Havas, Miguel, my sister Angela, my dad, etc.

How much songwriting do you do?
Of recent, a lot. Whenever I get inspired, I record it on my phone then come back later to work on it.

What musical instruments do you play?
I lowkey play the piano, guitar and sax.

What's your favorite Musical instrument?

What inspires you to write the type of songs that you do?
My experiences & the music I grew up listening to, my love for music, and sheer creativity & trial and error lol

If you were 10 again what would you do differently?
I would learn more instruments probably.

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?
Hardworking, patient, and friendly

What would you not travel without ?
My phone!

What should we expect from you in the Nearest future?
More performances and songs.

What Abuja upcoming musicians inspire you?
Efe Oraka, Tay, Suté, Charles Nkanga, Kyrian Asher, David Onuoha, etc.

Contacts(snapchat, IG , twitter, Facebook)??
Snapchat: Naaay.nay07
IG: naomikhamofu
Twitter: NaoMof

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