Sunday, 22 November 2015


Imagine a light skinned, intellectually-gifted, fashion-inclined student…with such a beautiful face :) . Are you done imagining? Okay, open your eyes because your imagination is our new Face Of The Week...................

Emelife Chidera. Refer to me as Dera

Tell us a bit about yourself?
Lol this is the worlds hardest question to me, what you should basically know is that I'm actually playful asf and quite shy.

What is beauty according to you?
Beauty to me is a matter of physical and inner representation. It all depends on how you show yourself to the world which determines how they view you.

Does beauty have to do with mostly facial looks?
I would say beauty is a 50/50 kind of thing. It has to do with both inner and outer characteristics. Someone may be beautiful but there personality is heartbreaking or vice versa. Beauty was in love with a beast. Shrek was in love with Fiona. Feel me?

Who has the greatest influence on your life?
It would definitely be my mom. She's my right hand, she's my go to.

Do you think political leaders should utilize social media networks  like Twitter and Facebook to promote their platforms  and etc? 
No not really. I don't feel it's right because politics is a formal game, if political users are to make use of social networks it would be best used for general information and not promotions. 

What makes you angry?  
Okay I don't really get "angry" I get pissed off but anyways, People who "assume", piss the hell outta me!

How do you handle difficult circumstances? 
I always look for a positive reason this "difficulty" should be happening. Or I just sleep it off hoping to have a problem solving dream.

What do you like to do for fun? 
Party mehhn.

If you were running for president in the 2015 elections what would be the primary focal point for you to campaign? 
Lmao... Well... I can't say corruption or eradication of poverty cause that one is a long thing in Nigeria.. So for me it would be development and wise utilization of the oil Nigeria possesses to save enough to build better industries and just generally develop the country. 

What one thing are u not allowed to do that you really want to do and why? 
I want to model but I can't because I'm "too young" to my mom and I should "face my book" and talk about modelling later on.

What's your favourite song and why?
 Right now my favorite song is Again by Fetty Wap. I just like the song  no reason. Okay maybe the beat and lyrics. They really don't matter. 

Best designer? 
Ah Designer ko... I don't have a favorite designer mehn. It's just for me to go to the mall and buy what I can afford. 

Many teen girls are becoming pregnant today, do you think they should be punished for their actions?
Considered there not my daughters I really don't care it's up to there culture and norms. But if it's my daughter... Lol let her try that one first. She will travel to all dimensions of afterlife and come back to earth and meet me and let her try and repeat herself.

What are some of your personal beauty tips or secrets? 
It's no secret, I have a lot of acne so I use NEUTROGENA visibly clear facial mask and wash to reduce spots and NEUTROGENA pink grapefruit cream wash to prevent spots and at night I use lemon extract and wear overnight.

Is the saying "No honey without money" true in your case?
well yes if you want to enjoy the sweet things of life you finna work for it to get the bills.

What talents to you have that we might not know about? 
I sound like Rihanna while taking. Shower.

Contacts- Twitter/Instagram: @dee__liciouss(two underscores) 
Snapchat- dee_emelife 
Phhhoto- @dee_licious

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